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Atomic Diner (Irish Titles)

Atomic Diner was set up in 2004 by Robert Curley primarily to produce and publish a line of cross genre titles from horror to detective and of course good time super hero's. The company is 100% independent and prides itself on good story telling from Ireland's top creators. Over the years we have helped launch the careers of artists such as Stephen Mooney, Declan Shalvey, Will Sliney, Stephen Thompson and Bob Byrne and are proud to continue this tradition by working with people such as Terry Kenny, Maura McHugh, Stephen Daly and Gareth Gowran.

To date we have released titles such as "Freak Show",  "Atomic Rocket Group 66" and Gerry Hunt's "In Dublin City" all to positive sales and reviews. Our other projects include "Roisin Dubh", "Formation 7", "Abigail Williams", "Glimmer Man", " Broken", "The Wyndham twins", "Jennifer Wilde", "The League of Volunteers", and "Fionn of The Fianna: Past's Prologue" with many more in the pipeline. We also run the "Free Irish comic day" here in Ireland.