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Avengers Inc.: Action, Mystery, Adventure TP

Avengers Inc.: Action, Mystery, Adventure TP


The Wasp creates a whole new style of Avenging! Her name is Janet Van Dyne, she’s a celebrity, and she’s hunting a killer. His name is Victor Shade, he’s an enigma — and he just got killed. Together, they’re out to solve every mystery in the Marvel Universe, starting with their own! “Victor Shade” was the Vision’s cover identity — but whoever this guy is, he’s not the Vision. Can Jan and Victor find answers with…the ghost of Avengers Mansion?! Then, when the Wasp receives an invite from Jane Foster, their investigation will take them to Valhalla — to learn how a dead man can die again! Plus: Who is killing off those juggling jerks known as the Death-Throws? Who will form the new Lethal Legion? And which shocking face from Jan’s past will be leading them?

Collecting AVENGERS INC. #1-5.

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